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Under measures to take effect from 6th April 2021, Government are to introduce several changes to legislation impacting the contractor market place. Lesters have a comprehensive range of solutions to meet these new changes.

Lesters Professional Contractor Services
The following services are designed with
the Professional Contractor in mind.
Our Self-employed solutions, give self-employed workers the control and flexibility required, with all of the back office support at their disposal.
Lesters Umbrella Pro
Lesters Pro
Lesters CIS Pro
Lesters International
Not under SDC
Full back office support
Taxation Services
Comprehensive insurances
Looking to benefit from one of our flexible, compliant, tax efficient solutions designed for the self-employed contractor?
Lesters Outsourced Employment & Payroll Services
The following services are designed for Contractors and Agency Workers.
As an employee you will receive the protection, statutory rights and other benefits associated with employment.
Lesters Umbrella
Lesters Travel
Lesters Construct
Lesters Payroll
Under SDC
Employee protection & benefits
Simple, easy to use
Comprehensive insurances
Looking to be paid swiftly and accurately under a hassle-free, compliant and supportive employment infrastructure?
Lesters Accounting
The following services are designed for
Professional Freelancers & Contractors.
Our accountancy services are designed to maximise your income, minimise your risk and give you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best.
Lesters Limited Company Outside IR35
Lesters Limited Company Inside IR35
Inside or Outside IR35
Limited liability
Total control
Tax-efficient way of working
Looking to benefit from the protection and tax efficiency of operating as a Limited Company Contractor?

Our services for recruitment agencies:

Outsourced Employment & Payroll Services for your contractor workforce.
The expert partner you can trust to get everything right   

If you're looking to outsource your contractor payroll to a trusted payroll provider, our solutions and expertise ensure you can achieve your objectives easily, efficiently and with full compliance.

Temporary workforce, 
payroll & contract management
Consultative expertise
guiding you through SDC assessment
Fully Inclusive
Insurance package
Compliant & 
accredited portfolio

Expert advice in your best interests

Our focus is your success

Our accountancy services for freelancers, contractors and limited company business owners are designed to maximise your income, minimise your risk and give you the peace of mind to focus on doing what you do best.

Efficiency, speed
& profitability 


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